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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Sports Trivia edition!

So, it turns out that Orson Pratt is more influential than Heber C. Kimball. Take that Geoff and Jeff!

On to the show!
Who is the more influential LDS Athlete: Steve Young or Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin?

Steve Young: star quarterback in the WAC, USFL, and the NFL; a scrambler leftie; didn't go on a mission; seems to be a generally nice guy; took a long, long time to get married, causing

Elder Wirthlin: played running back for the Utah Utes in the 1930's in his freshman, sophomore, and junior seasons (and is supposed to have been really good); skipped his senior year of college to go to a mission to 1936; hasn't played since, but seems to be rather busy; has been married for a long, long time, speculation.

Okay, you know how it works. Vote below or to the right and write your comments below.