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Thursday, August 25, 2005

They're not lost, I just don't remember where I put them...

So, moving on from Bigfoot.... I want to know, where have those Lost Ten Tribes got to? Center of the Earth? The Moon? Russia? right here among us, disguised as ordinary citizens? C'mon, let's have it... let's hear all those wild and wooly theories.

And by the way, exactly which tribes ARE lost, anyway? Ephraim was originally one of the Ten, but now we're back; Levi didn't originally count as one of the twelve, but he is technically lost. I think we know where Judah, Benjamin and the two Joseph tribes are, right? And what about Dan? why doesn't Dan count as part of the 144,000? Is Dan lost or not, and do we want to find him? If there's 13 tribes and only 12 apostles, does somebody get to skip the judgment? Tell me more....

Perhaps we should have a poll/smackdown:
Which tribe is most historically significant, and would win on MTV Celebrity Deathmatch?