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Monday, August 29, 2005

PETA billboards and Word of Wisdom

At this posting, Judah holds a very slight lead with 3 votes. Personally, I think that's a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease... at any rate, on to today's topic of discussion.

Anyone see those LDS-oriented PETA billboards a year or so ago in Utah? The ones quoting D&C 89 about eating "...meat sparingly, only in times of cold or famine"? Those actually got me thinking. We (Americans) eat meat a lot, all year long. No recent famines to my knowledge. And yet we (Mormons) seem to just completely skip over this advice in the Word of Wisdom. I've asked people about this, and I can barely get the question out of my mouth when they start hollering at me "D&C says vegetarianism is not from God!" Well, no, that's not what the Lord says. He says PREACHING vegetarianism as a commandment is not from God. But in the WoW he also says it is pleasing unto him that meat not be used, only in times of cold or famine. Why doesn't anyone (except PETA) holler about that verse? Anyway, being as it's neither cold now nor faminous (I love inventing words) I opted for vegetarianism for the summer at least, with only minor villification from friends and church members.

So... whaddya think? Is a veggie lifestyle Satan's secret plan to destroy us? Or do we consume way more hamburger than was ever intended?