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Monday, August 15, 2005

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Scriptural Bloodletter Edition!

First, may I say that if our entirely scientific poll is any indication, then Mitt Romney will do more presidential damage than Hatch did. Mitt, the comeback kid, came from 8 votes back to win by 6.

This week's competition is the result of a special request. As you know, here at FPR, the customer is king.

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Scriptural Bloodletter Edition
Who is the less problematic scriptural holy warrior is the LDS Canon: Capt. Moroni or Joshua, son of Nun?

Capt. Moroni: Nephite war-leader; fought invaders and internal traitors; forced said internal traitors to fight or be killed; made them hoist copies of a torn coat from their towers (how gauche!); and, finally, really, really didn't enjoy himself in all of this.

Joshua, son of Nun: hung out with Moses and, apparently, God; enacted God's haram, resulting in genocide in several Canaanite cities (according to the Book of Joshua, at least); and wasn't much into the whole "shade of grey" morality viewpoint. Unfortunately, we don't know how he felt about what he did.

So there you go, two heroes of a previous generation (okay, several generations) whom we might consider monsters nowadays. Express your defense or disgust below and vote away.