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Friday, July 08, 2005

Historical Utah smackdown! Killer Edition

I am sorry for not getting any posts out this week. I've been busy. According the the poll, it turns out that there isn't an unwritten order of things because Elder McConkie wrote it all down.

This week, somewhat inspired by recent events, is a little different in that I am not sure if one of the participants is LDS (and five minutes on the internet didn't help).

Historical Utah Smackdown: Killer edition!
Who is the more important executed Utah killer vaguely associated with Mormonism:
John Lee or Gary Gilmore?

John Lee: led the Mountain Meadows Massacre; claimed to have done it on orders from Brigham Young; the only person convicted for involvement (Justin, correct me if I am wrong).

Gary Gilmore: the first person executed after Furmand vs. Georgia had invalidated prior capital laws, captured by my stake's second counsellor, rumored to have sought death by firing squad because of things Brigham Young taught about "blood atonement."

Have at it, vote below or to the right.