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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Bomber edition

Sorry for the sporadic posting of late. I've been busy. Also, I am still recovering from the results of the last poll. John Lee over Gary Gilmore? As other people have mentioned regarding other polls, I am beginning to suspect the tastes of our readership. Sure, Lee was pivotal in a minor event in Southern Utah a century or so ago. Gilmore only created a situation where W. could say, with a straight face, that he never executed an innocent man (also, Gilmore inspired the Cremaster cycle, for which he can never be forgiven in all the eternities). But I digress...

On to this week's competition:
Who is the more historically significant LDS bomber: Marc Hofmann or Gail S. Halvorsen?

Hofmann: forged a whole lot of "early Mormon documents", killed a couple of people to keep it quiet, inadvertantly got Michael Quinn's career going, inadvertantly got Jon Krakauer in touch with Dan Lafferty (Justin has a collection of articles about Hofmann up on his site).

Halvorsen: dropped candy out of his bomber for impoverished German children during the Berlin airlift. Read about it here and here.

So, what will it be? Vote below or to the right and defend your choice in the comments.