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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

'Hit pigeons flutter'

I am being given a tryout at BYU this fall in the religion department. Good or bad, it won't necessarily turn into a job, but it could. Anyhoo, I have been thinking over my BYU religion class experiences, what was good and what was bad. I had two classes from religion professors, two from a language professor, and two from grad students. My first class was horrible, my remaining classes were better, because I got better at choosing them. I think this is the general pattern of most students. The class that I didn't like had a heavy emphasis on memorization and moralizing. The others focused more on doctrine and patterns within scripture.

The question is: BYU grads or current students, look back on your experiences in religion classes. What worked for you and what didn't? Please don't mention names (possible future employment is important to me), but feel free to share crazy stories. Besides, we'll have fun trying to guess who your talking about.